Annual Inca Trail Permits Released + 20% Peru Sale

Annual Inca Trail permits just released. Grab yours now!

A hike along the Inca Trail is by far the most popular way of reaching the ancient city of Machu Picchu and a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Its iconic status as one of the most incredible trails on earth means that thousands of trekkers every year hike the ancient pilgrimage route.

Because so many tourists are eager trek the Inca Trail each year, the Peruvian Government have had to implement stringent laws to govern the trail. Anyone wishing to gain access will need to obtain a permit and guide. Only 500 permits per day are allocated for the year, and this number includes porters and guides too. Permits must be obtained prior to their departure.

Permits are sold on a first come first serve basis, so you need to book well in advance. Trust us, they’re like gold dust – and usually sell out within weeks of release date.

A Rare Adventure

Considering the rarity of permits we highly recommend; you choose your trekking agency carefully. Ask lots of questions: what you’ll have to carry, how many people to a tent, how many porters for the group, if there are arrangements for special diets. Choose to deal with a reputable agency like USIT Ireland who ensures only to work with partners on the ground who treat porters well and respects the environment.

We often get asked if you can purchase last-minute cancellation permits. Sadly, the answer is no as all permits are paired with an individual’s passport number and the Government have strict control policies at Inca Trail checkpoints.

The Inca Trail is open from March to January and closes for February to allow nature some rest and recuperation.

The total number of permits was released this week, 2 October 2019 and are expected to be completely gone in a short number of weeks. Get in touch with USIT Ireland today and we’ll ensure you get yours.

The Stats: Last year of the scores of Irish people travellers who applied for Inca Trail permits, only 427 we lucky enough to get their hands on one. Each of these people applied on average of 6 months in advance of departure to Peru.

Quote from Michael Churchill who walked the Inca Trail in 2016 “To walk the original Inca Trail made our Peruvian experience all the more authentic & hitting the famous spots along the way such as Dead Woman’s Pass & the Sun Gate (which can only be reached on the Inca Trail route) made this trek unforgettable”


To celebrate the release fo new Inca Trail permits, we are running a flash sale on Peru packages. But hurry, the sale ends on Oct 24th! Click here to find an amazing deal.

If you’re late and miss the chance to get an Inca Trail reservation, don’t despair as Peru is full of excellent alternatives. We can get you on the Lares Trek in the Andes, full of turquoise lakes and indigenous communities and you’ll still arrive at Machu Picchu.


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