J1 Hotspots: New York

New York! The Big Apple! The City that Never Sleeps – and is at the top of everyone’s bucket list of cities to visit, so why not cross it off yours with a J1?

New York is a buzzing metropolis 24/7 and is a sensory explosion with new things to see and hear around every corner. Divided up into 5 districts known as boroughs NYC has a broad cultural spectrum for J1ers to explore and become immersed in as a “True New Yorker” (please read in a stereotypical NY accent). The summer in New York has high levels of humidity with average daily temperatures of 24.7°C. There’s a strong Irish connection in New York so the locals are bound to love your accents. While you’re roaming the streets of this iconic city on your J1 why not tick off a few bucket list items that you won’t want to miss out on, here are our top picks:

New York

Times Square

The neon and LED signs of Times Square are an unmissable spot in NYC. Always filled with all kinds of people it is the perfect place to spend some time people watching the street performers, tourists and New York natives going about the hustle and bustle of their day to day lives. There are heaps of restaurants surrounding the square and you might find yourself fortunate enough to be working for the summer in one of them as your J1 job where you’re guaranteed to get very good tips from all the tourists in the area!

Times Square New York

Central Park

Featuring in over 350 movies Central Park holds the title of being the most filmed public park in the world! The park is the perfect location to spend a sunny afternoon, whether that be chilling having a picnic with friends or cycling around to see the entire park it’s a great space to catch some fresh air in the (queue Jay Z and Alisha Keys) “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.

Central Park New York

Statue of Liberty

A visit to the Statue is the perfect way to spend a day off work while on your J1. Gifted to the US by the people of France, the Statue of Liberty has become a symbol for American freedom and a welcome sight for immigrants coming from abroad. Tourists head over to the Statue in their millions every year. There are plenty of boat tours heading out to it and Ellis Island to choose from operated by Statue Cruises.

Statue of Liberty New York

9/11 Memorial & One World Trade Centre

Located where the Twin Towers once stood, the 9/11 Memorial can be found with a Museum to be found in the vicinity also, commemorating the tragic events that occurred there in September 2001. This significant historic event is marked tastefully by two fountains located in the exact same places the towers were. It is a very important part of American and New York history, so although the mood in the area may be slightly sombre, it is worth visiting while you are on your J1.

9/11 Memorial New York

Brooklyn Bridge

Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River is an iconic spot in New York. It takes about an hour to walk across the bridge as a tourist, busy New Yorkers in their commute to or from work may be able to walk it much quicker. It’s a nice way to get a different view of the city, get some fresh air and see what street vendors are selling along the route. It’s also an excuse to go to and explore Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Bridge New York


So whats stopping you from ticking New York off your bucket list with a J1 in summer 2020? Head over to our website to start the process now!

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