The 6 Benefits of Solo Traveling

You’ve decided you want to go away for the summer, all your friends are working, you feel like there’s nothing here for you right now, you want to travel! Solo travel at the start may seem super daunting, stop worrying, you got this. Heres 6 benefits of being a solo traveller. 

1. Me Time

One of the biggest benefits of solo travel is time for yourself.  Have you had a stressful year between college and/or work? A little TLC can go a long way, why not see the different parts of the world whilst doing so? You also can literally do whatever you want! Wanna lie by the pool all day? Wander around the streets of your selected location? You can do all that and on your own time too, genuinely nothing better!

2. Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone 

If this is your first time traveling alone, it is totally understandable and expected to be nervous during the lead up to your adventure. There is absolutely no need to panic though. Make sure you have everything you need by writing it all out on a sheet of paper before you leave, this can take the stress out of your last-minute run to the shops for all your essentials. Google Maps is your best friend before you head to your destination, map out the time it will take you via public or private transport to and from the airport, how far away you’re staying from the places you want to see/the transport you need and the amenities around where you are staying.

3. Finding Yourself

Traveling solo is an amazing way to ‘find yourself’, being alone with yourself for a long period of time, especially in a different country makes you realize certain things about yourself that you’ve probably never noticed before. Some of the main things you notice would be if you thrive to be around people, if you feel like doing things on your own makes you happy, that job you thought you wanted? You now feel like something else would suit more. Another main thing to take away from the experience is if you would like to move away from home, you could be inspired to move away for a few years… maybe forever? Small thoughts to inspire your future.

4. A Chance To Meet New People

At first, this may seem daunting, especially if you are a quiet person but being in a foreign country alone is such a great way to meet new people from all over the world and most likely there will be people who are in your exact position and if you are in a country with a high rate of Irish tourists, even better! Meeting other people from Ireland abroad brings a bit of familiarisation to an unfamiliar place/situation, it can ease your mind knowing that you have someone from home to enjoy part of the adventure with or if you both have no fixed agenda, you can even travel together. Plus… you have someone to take aesthetically pleasing pictures of you!

5. You Choose What You Spend

Travelling in any type of way can become expensive but it can become that bit more expensive when travelling with your partner, friends or group. Usually, when travelling with other people, especially if it is a two-person job, you may pay for a drink when on a night out or get dinner another night, you may not realize it at the time but in financial terms, this can seriously start to add up, €20 here and there can add up to €200 in the long run. If you’re alone, you don’t have that burden, you can eat where you want, shop where you want and just do whatever suits you!

6. You’ll Catch The Travel Bug for Life

When you get back to reality, although at a glace when starting out it may have been daunting, you’ll want to do it all over again. You’ll miss the feeling of being free in a different place, being able to do whatever, whenever you want… pure bliss. I promise, as soon as you come home, you’ll be looking to see when you can travel alone next. It’s addictive!


If you’re deciding to spend this summer traveling, make sure you contact USIT to plan your adventure of a lifetime, click here to see all the options available to suit your needs. 

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