Calling All Soccer Fans: Get Paid To Coach the Beautiful Game in the USA

What is Coach Soccer USA?

Coach Soccer USA is an amazing opportunity for anyone is passionate about soccer to showcase their skills and talents by coaching children over the summer months. Experience a new culture. Meet new people and spend the summer travelling with them to different towns and cities across America doing what you love!

girl goalkeeper in soccer

Who is Eligible to be a Coach?

  • Anyone aged 18-30, you don’t have to be a student!
  • No prior formal training is necessary! You will be fully trained by one of our UEFA Licensed Coaches.
  • You must be interested in soccer and coaching it to children over the summer!

coach teaching kids to play soccer

What Does the Programme Involve?

The Coach Soccer USA Programme involves an 8-10 week placement in the states where you will travel to a new location every week to coach soccer to children. All of your expenses are paid for and you receive a weekly wage of $250. Additionally, as you are granted 30 days of travel at the end of your placement to explore even more of the USA!

child team listening to coach of soccer team

Where in the USA will I be Based?

Locations include:

  • Denver
  • Atlanta
  • San Diego
  • Sacramento
  • And More!

How Do You Get Picked to Become a Coach?

To become a coach you must attend and pass one of our free assessment days taking place throughout the country over the next few weeks. Here you will work through a number of practical coaching drills as well as having an interview-based chat to discuss why you enrolled and what you want to gain from taking part in the programme. You just need to show that you have the enthusiasm to do the job while working with kids!

Upcoming Recruitment Days (Feb 17th – 20th 2020)


More tips on getting hired 

What is Included in the Price?

  • Coaching Placement 8-10 Weeks
  • J1 Camp Counsellor Visa
  • Return Flights ex Dublin
  • Medical Insurance
  • US Bank Account
  • Police Cert
  • Meet & Greet on Arrival
  • 4th of July week off
  • Accommodation
  • Weekly Wage (up to $250)
  • Coaching Equipment
  • 30 Days to Travel
  • Rental Car (if applicable)
  • Orientation Manual
  • Three free coaching uniforms

boys playing soccer

If you have any further questions about the assessment or the programme itself please contact our soccer team:

Or head over to our website to find out more!

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