Australia Visa Fee Refund – Oz Offers Visa Fee Waiver to WH Visa Holders to Help with Australia’s Pandemic Recovery

So you have seen the news by now that the PM of Australia Scott Morrison has announced that for the next 12 weeks anyone entering Australia on the working holiday visa will be eligible to have their visa fee refunded.

Sounds amazing right? But what does this mean for the Australia visa?

This means that any Working Holiday Visa holder that arrives in Australia between January 19th and April 19th, 2022 will be refunded the visa application charge of AUD $495. The full details of how to claim the refund have yet to be realised (keep an eye on our blog for updates) but it seems participants will need to make their claim after they arrive into Australia up until December 2022. This timeline means it could be some weeks before the final details will be realised but we will keep you posted on details as we receive them.

Like many countries Australia has struggled with the knock-on effects of the global pandemic.  Less working holiday makers has left a big gap in the roles usually filled by these visitors in the agricultural and hospitality industries. With Australia now fully focused on welcoming visitors back this is a move to help those industries jump-start and fully open up the country.

This is a temporary measure and is only for participants who manage to get their travel plans to Australia sorted so they can arrive by/on April 19th, 2022. This will almost certainly help anyone on the fence about Australia make that decision and accelerate their plans. So, if you were thinking about Oz this would be an amazing time to take the plunge – not only will you have a tidy refund to look forward to spending during your year, you will also be a part of the rejuvenation of a country that has been a host to Ireland for many generations as well as a home for many ex-pats.

Don’t forget to be eligible to visit Oz you need to meet Australia’s vaccination requirements, or have an approved travel exemption. Info on entry requirements is updated regularly so it is important to check the Home Affairs website for the latest requirements before you head off (especially if you have any big events taking place that you need to be present for, like say, a tennis match).

If you are keen to get your Oz visa underway you can start your application right now here but if you have questions about this latest development we will be having a live info event next week on Jan 26th, where a guest from the Australian Ambassador’s office will be on hand to fill us in about these updates as well as anything else you need to know about Oz. 

We will be adding some further details and an FAQ in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled on our social media for updates.

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