All You Need To Know About USIT’s Australian Working Holiday Visa

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend Christmas in the sun? Sitting on a beach? Don’t you think you’ve spent enough Christmases wishing for snow and getting Irish rain instead? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about what 25°C in winter feels like. What if told you, we can help you can swap the PJs for swim trunks and a farmer’s tan, for 12 months? Here at USIT we recognize the agony of not having been able to travel abroad the past two years. As if your life was put on pause. We think it’s time to press the ‘play’ button and go for a change of scenery.

What is an Australian Working Holiday Visa?

Let’s break it down for you. A 12-month holiday in Australia, where you can work to fund your play time. Sold?

We came up with a brilliant plan of helping you make the great escape. A working holiday visa in Australia for 12-months. We’ll do all the hard work and apply for Australian visa for you. USIT have been taking the pain away of the application for the work visa and ensuring it’s submitted correctly with all valid documentation since before you were born (slight exaggeration there) We’ll even give you an Aussie SIM card to text the missus, set you up with an Australian bank account for all the dough you’ll be earning, and we’ll have a tax file number just for you. The big question: what are the conditions of working holiday visa in Australia? Well, if you’re over 18 (no offense) and under 35 (again, no offense), have a passport, $3000 AUD in the bank, cabin fever and understand that sun cream is our friend – then bob’s your uncle!

Remember that job you had when you were 15 working in a bar? Perfect. Or all the time your mammy would make you change the bed sheets? Deadly. Australian employers are so used to hiring backpackers who are just breezing through as they explore what Oz has to offer. You can literally find work anywhere, from bartending to hotel maid and even construction work. What’s even better is we’ll help you find that work and give you access to our job’s portal for the 12-months you have your visa.

Keep an eye on USIT socials for Aussie Info Events. **Hint: There’s one approaching and it’s in an Irish person’s favourite place. Yes, a pub.

Why is an Australia Working Visa Important and why Australia?

We’ll begin with the blatant but not obvious (to some); It’s illegal to work in a country where you are not a citizen without a work permit or visa. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the real answer; Travelling is important for the soul, and so is earning money if we want to keep that souls stress minimized. For two years we’ve been deprived of travelling and just having a good time in general.

I can almost feel you itching to escape the norms of sitting at your kitchen table in front of your laptop all day. Grabbing lunch without having to get off your seat because you’re that close to the fridge. Going to bed in the same PJs you wore to the ‘office’ today.

Australian businesses are crying out for back packers to come work for them, because up until COVID they were a continuous source of employment. The last two years there has been some serious drought in the area – but fear not Australia, the Irish are on their way.

Sure, we don’t really need to mention that the minimum wage is $20, do we? Didn’t think so.

Can I apply for a second working holiday visa for Australia? Duh. It’s not uncommon to hear about someone who went to Australia for the year and didn’t actually return home for several. No, they’re not taking the term ‘great escape’ literally. They just did 3 months of ‘specific work’ during their yearlong visa and applied for another one because they loved it THAT much. Sure, what’s not to love about $20 minimum wage (and minimal clothing).

Moving to Australia from Ireland can seem daunting. It’s pretty far and the Australian time zone will leave you getting the ‘what time is it in Australia?’ question around 5 times a day. Time travel has not been invented yet (that we know of..) but Australia’s travel ban has lifted  post COVID pandemic and they are welcoming tourism and working visa applicants with open arms. If all of that isn’t enough to sell you, you’re either afraid of flying or unsure about going at it alone. Well, aren’t you lucky we thought of everything? 2/3 of our packages include overnight hostel stays, city tours, surf lessons and wait for it. A Pub Crawl. If you don’t come away with at least one friend, I’m afraid we are no longer the problem.

Australia has a few cities infested with Irish people. Did I say infested? I meant there’s a few Irish communities about the place. The largest Irish community can be found in Sydney. You don’t have to walk around for long to hear an Irish voice there. The eastern suburbs of Bondi, Bondi Junction, Coogee, and Waverley are the most populated by Irish expats.

Packages start from €599 (take another €100 off until May 31st) including a Working holiday visa, 1-year Insurance, Bank a/c, TFN Tax no, SIM card & Jobs portal access. Honestly, if you’ve read this far we’re going to assume it’s because you’re interested – so, go ahead and click this link to take you right to different options and you decide what suits you best.

As any wise granny would say, if it’s meant for you, it won’t pass you by. So, if you’re reading this – here is your sign to just DO IT.

Head to our website to learn more about the different packages USIT offers for the Australian Working Holiday Visa, and book now to receive €100 off!*

*T&Cs apply, limited time only

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