Did you graduate in 2021? Your window to work in America is closing

What do moving to America for a year and the world’s worst hangover have in common? They both happen after graduation.

Our 1-year Grad USA visa program is the bridge between college and your career. The chance to put all your academic achievements into practice – to learn from the best in the world, to globalise your CV, and to jumpstart your career.

But it has a small window. Which if you miss it, would be a total pane.

You must enter the USA on this visa within 12 months of your graduation certificate, and the visa can take 12 weeks to process. So if your graduation certificate is dated 20 November 2021, you must apply by 20 August 2022. Basically, get a wriggle on.

Once the window closes, it’s shut forever. Did it just get really dark in here? It feels so cold. Head towards the light young graduates, your future is about to get a whole lot brighter… 

What’s the 1-year Grad USA visa?
The Grad USA visa is unique to Ireland and allows Irish graduates to work anywhere in the USA for up to 12 months on an internship related to their field of study. The aim is for you to launch your career by gaining valuable international experience. Basically, it’s a dead cert for hot footing it up the career ladder. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere etc etc.

Why do the Grad USA visa?
Why give up your grad job in Ireland to move to America for a year? (Other than for the pancakes. For breakfast. Every day. Without judgement).

Well, there’s a reason why America is called the land of opportunities – it’s a powerhouse. From multinational corporations to creative start-ups, every sector and industry is represented. It attracts the leading talent from around the world, which means you’ll be learning from the best in the business and growing your network – all while living in one of the most exciting places on the planet.

Plus, the USA has a huge internship culture, with most American graduates doing multiple placements before taking on a full-time position. This means that while competition is high, the internship programs are robust and rewarding with clear goals, industry growth and career development. Tea making and coffee runs, this is not.

Here’s what Stephen , one of our Grad USA NYC alumni had to say.
“It is your chance to exercise your new qualification among one of the world’s most dynamic work forces. It’s an exercise in personal development like no other. It’s a quick win for your CV. And whatever your sector, you can find its cutting edge in the USA. For me there was no better way to jump on the career ladder with and make my mark.”

What jobs can you do on a Grad USA visa?
Once you land in the USA, you have 30 days to settle in and 90 days from when your work papers officially begin to secure your position. Your internship can be paid or unpaid and it can be anywhere in the States, but it must be related to your degree.

Our USIT graduates have done everything from marketing, fashion, finance, accounting, PR, engineering, sports, architecture, tech, science, business and more. Returning after a year with world-class experience and industry connections that have set them off on incredible career paths.

“The very first morning on the job we walked to the top of the building and I saw the Manhattan skyline just as dawn was breaking, I knew I had made the right decision. Where else can you get the opportunities that you get here and seeing firsthand how fast buildings can go up in a city that never stops – you truly get swept up in the moment. Days feel like hours and months feel like just weeks as your time flies working and enjoying exploring the city on the weekends.”
Read more about Martina’s construction internship in NYC.

Martina stands on a New York rooftop holding an Irish flag


When to apply – If you graduated in 2021, now! Remember, you must enter the USA within 12 months of your graduation certificate, and the visa can take 12 weeks to process. Find out more about the eligibility, cost and process here, or book in a call to go over your options with our Graduate Specialist.

Missed the boat on the Grad USA visa? All is not lost. There may be other options for you in the USA on the PCT or the Internship visas, or we can explore working holidays in Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Get in touch with us today at workusa@usit.ie or on 01-4362420.

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