USIT’s Essential Packing List

Posted 4 months ago in Asia

Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here

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Interrailing Cheat Sheet 2018

For decades now, spending a chunk of your summer travelling throughout Europe has been the path taken by many. Why? Well, because it’s a bloody unreal experience and a rite of passage for all travel addicts! Plus, it’s probably the cheapest way of seeing everything Europe has to offer. So, you’ve decided that Interrailing in …

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Flying High For 17 Hours

Ever been on a 17 hour non-stop flight? Neither have we. In fact no one had been until Qantas Airways launched the very first 17 hour non-stop flight between Australia and the UK. With 200 passengers on board, flight QF9 took off on Saturday, March 24th, from Perth at 7pm (local time) and landed in London early …

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Six Emerging Trends Set To Dominate Irish 2018 Travel Plans

Posted 8 months ago in Asia

The silver bullet to the January blues is, and always has been – travel. The turn of the year does invigorate the masses into forming a plan for what’s  ahead and a huge part of that is where on this big beautiful planet to explore. Every twelve months, we see new niches emerge to fundamentally …

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REVEALED: The 12 Hottest Destinations For Irish Travellers in 2018

Posted 9 months ago in Asia

12. Kadavu, Fiji Did you know Fiji is close to having an island for every day of the year? There are 332 chunks of impossible beauty, although only 106 of them have permanent residents. Fiji’s capital, Suva is only a 4-hour flight from Sydney and for the thousands of Irish living on Australia’s East Coast, …

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10 Natural Wonders Around The Globe That Are Criminally Underappreciated

Who’s in charge of the ‘Wonders of the World’ list anyway? We have a real bee in our bonnet that having seven official “Wonders of the World” is a crime against some stunning places deserving of a spot. Frankly, we’re not having it. Between us, we’ve seen hundreds of genuinely astonishing, awe-inspiring places worthy of …

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10 Wonderfully Weird Ways To Travel, Around The World

Posted a year ago in Asia

Autonomous flying vehicles carrying commuter’s around a major metropolis? The days of this being a reality solely reserved for the cast of Futurama are seemingly numbered and Dubai is leading the revolution. Dubai has declared their first ‘Volocopter’ test a success in what is a landmark moment for autonomous transport. The Volocopter is an 18-rotar, two-seat …

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