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10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Summer Camp

Summer is fast approaching and lucky for you you’ve still got time to register for Camp USA and Camp Canada. If you’re on the fence about the idea, these 10 reasons why you need to go to summer camp should persuade you! You’ll Make Friends For Life At your first week of camp you’ll have …

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Employer Spotlight: 118 Positions Available In Sunny Sacramento

With summer looming around the corner and with J1 Season in full swing California jobs are really hard to come by at this stage so if you’re stuck on spending a summer in Cali check out what Sacramento has to offer. This year we’ve got one wonderful employer who wants you! So, which lovely employer …

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Employer Spotlight: Deer Valley Resort Want More Irish Interns in Utah

Every time a US firm hires as Internship Visa participant, a new relationship is forged and it’s very often the case that employers will revert back to us looking for more graduates from these shores. In the case of Deer Valley Resort, Utah they’ve not come back looking for one, but three new Irish graduates …

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