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Soccer Coaching Opportunities Spread To Canada For This Summer

We have some great news to share this week! Following the hugely successful Coach Soccer USA Programme, we are delighted to announce that, this summer interested Irish applicants aged 18-30 will also be able to apply for coaching positions in Canada! While the Canadians are more accustomed to committing borderline GBH on an ice hockey …

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Trial Advice, Favourite Managers & Dream Teams From Five Of Our 2018 Coaches!

Where did the weeks go?! It genuinely only seemed a few days ago that we had record numbers at our UCD Trial Day back in November. Now, there are only two chances and a handful of contracts left to be snapped up before our 2018 squad heads to Warwick for their training weekend.

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Six Emerging Trends Set To Dominate Irish 2018 Travel Plans

Posted 8 months ago in Asia

The silver bullet to the January blues is, and always has been – travel. The turn of the year does invigorate the masses into forming a plan for what’s  ahead and a huge part of that is where on this big beautiful planet to explore. Every twelve months, we see new niches emerge to fundamentally …

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APPEAL: Football Coaches Urgently Required To Save USA From Further International Embarrassment

Posted a year ago in J1

Each year, millions of young Americans gleefully take to soccer pitches all over the country hoping and dreaming to one day be competent at the beautiful game. Tragically even the very best players that the US can produce, cannot beat Trinidad & Tobago, a country with a total population smaller than San Diego.

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Joe’s Soccer Summer in the US: “You’ll find yourself saying I love my job!”

Each summer USIT hires hundreds of Irish football fanatics, looking for a dream summer in the US surrounded by the beautiful game. @joemacruairi267 spent his summer touring through Denver, Wyoming, Idaho and New Mexico before hitting Las Vegas for McGregor/Mayweather. We’re not jealous in the slightest….

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Welcome, To The Real World! Best Work & Travel Options For 2017 Graduates

Bring forth the silly hats! It’s time to bask in your own glory, soak up the plaudits and embrace the opportunities as graduation season in Ireland is soon to begin.

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Half Time Report: 2017 Soccer Coaches On Their Time In The US So Far

Beeep, beeeeeep! Although it’s hard to believe, we’re more than half way through the summer! It’s half time, back in the dressing room so to speak, we decided to catch up with some of our soccer coaches in the U.S. to see how they’ve been enjoying their summer abroad in the States! Find out what …

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Five of 2017’s Soccer Camp USA Coaches On Their Assessment Days, Getting Hired and Dream Teams!

This is probably you’re last chance to spend the summer of 2017, surrounded by and involved in the sport you love, while seeing a huge amount of the United States. Already this week, we’ve offered contracts to Soccer Camp USA applicants in Cork and Limerick, with Dublin to follow this Thursday. Worried about how you …

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Dream Team: USIT Proudly Partner With Finn Harps FC For Soccer Camp USA Coach Search

Back of the net! We’re delighted to announce a star addition to our Soccer Camp USA dream team in 2017 – Finn Harps F.C. We’ve seen unprecedented interest in the perfect work and travel programme for football mad individuals aged 18-30, particularly in the North of the country and we couldn’t be happier to become …

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