2nd Year Working Holiday in Australia

2nd Year Working Holiday in Australia

One year down under not enough for you? Book your 2nd year visa now!

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2nd Year Visa

After spending a year in Australia, it’s hard to see the charm in the wind and the rain of Ireland. But not to worry, heading back for another year in Australia couldn’t be easier. If you’re unsure of the paperwork and application process, we’re here to help! You’ll be back on the beach with a cold beer in no time!

2nd Year Working Holiday Visa

What's included

  • 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa
  • Regional Work Assessment
  • 12 Months Insurance Extension

T&Cs - Eligibility will be determined by the regional work completed within the participants stay on their first working holiday visa. Insurance extension is only possible if the original 1st year travel insurance policy was booked with USIT & this will be subject to screening by the Insurance underwriter.

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No Dependent Children travelling with you


Hold a Passport from an Eligible Country

Eligible Countries

Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, USA


Proof of sufficient funds upon entry


You must get the visa launched before your 35th birthday and it can then be approved if you turn 36 and it has not been granted yet.

Regional Work

Have completed three 'calendar' months (or 88 days) of specified work in regional Australia* while on your first Working Holiday visa (there is no requirement to do further specified work on the second visa)

Duration of the visa

The 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa in Australia is for 12 months and during this time you can leave and re-enter the country as many times as you like.

Conditions of Work

Under the visa you are permitted to take up any kind of temporary or casual work. The main purpose of the visa is to holiday and travel in Australia so you are not permitted to work for longer than 6 months for any one employer.

Specified work must actually be done within an eligible regional Australia postcode area. Work that is completed in a non-eligible area for a business, whose office or post office box is in a regional Australia postcode area, does not meet the requirement

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