Agricultural Farm Programme Canada

Agricultural Farm Programme Canada

The great outdoors, and even greater rewards, are calling. What’s stopping you?

About Agricultural Farm Programme Canada

Working on an Agricultural Exchange programme is based around experiencing all that the great land of Canada has to offer. You’ll get the opportunity to work hands-on on a family owned and operated farm for up to a year. Whether you’re going to gain farming experience or just want a change of scenery, the Agri programme is for you! The great outdoors, and even greater rewards, are calling. What’s stopping you?
Start Date
From June/July/Aug 2020
Programme Length
3 - 18 Months
Farms are located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario



Aged 18-30

Passport Holder of

Irealand, Australia, France, Mexico, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Chile, Greece, Norway, Spain, Costa Rica, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Latvia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Taiwan, Estonia, Ukraine


Experience in operating mechanical farming equipment (tractors, combine harvesters, seeding machinery, spraying equipment - with booms). Must have a full clean Driving Licence.

Must be healthy and physically capable of working on the land to undertake all the jobs and tasks required including heavy lifting.

Canada Agricultural Programme

  • 2 Year IEC WHV for Canada
  • Biometrics for visa app
  • One way flight to Calgary
  • 2 year comprehensive W&T Insurance
  • Accommodation with host family
  • All meals (when working)
  • Monthly salary (approx. CA $1800 per month)
  • Orientation to meet other farm workers
  • Overtime compensation
  • Holiday break (Those working 6 months plus)
  • Airport pick up by your host family
  • Canadian SIM
  • Luggage Tag
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