Canada Ranchstay Programme

Full of surprises, Canada is simply the most astonishingly beautiful country in the world. Embraces its own cliches with an energy that's irresistible, promoting everything from the Calgary Stampede to maple-syrup festivals and many more

What is Canada Ranchstay Programme 2021

If you like the country life, horses, fresh air, and want to experience the great wide open, then this Programme is for you. Ranchstay gives you the chance to become involved with family activities and you have the possibility to get involved with many different parts of farm life, i.e. riding horses, driving the tractor etc. The program is not only about farming; it is a cultural exchange program where you get a real insight into local culture, mentality etc. The family takes you along when they visit neighbours, when they do their grocery shopping or when they go to events like rodeos, community festivals. It is not an easy life and everyone is expected to pitch in with all normal chores.
Start Date
April and October. Options are limited in Spring / Winter
Programme Length
4-16 weeks



20 – 35 inclusive

Passport Holder of

Ireland (Some other Passport holders may be eligible)

Permit Required

Visitor (With an ETA you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months and undertake a Ranchstay Programme)

Who can apply

We are looking for people who are sociable, flexible, hard working, physically fit, good at communicating with others . Some placements require certain skill set but some do not.

This is not paid Placement

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