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€1,569 Premium Programme
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  • Invite to Job Fairs
  • One Way Flight to Canada
  • 2 Years Travel Insurance
  • Pre-Arranged Job
  • 2 Year IEC Visa
  • Canadian SIM Card
  • Luggage Tag
€1,369 Basic Programme
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  • One Way Flight to Canada (Toronto)
  • 2 Years Travel Insurance
  • 2 Year IEC Visa
€679 Visa
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  • 2 Year IEC Visa
One Way Flight to Canada

The cost of your one way flight from Dublin to Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary is included in our programme but you can alter your own flight itinerary as you wish with your dedicated booking agent. Please note that the Basic Programme does not allow you to tailor your flight itinerary as this is only a one way flight to Toronto.

2 Years Travel Insurance

You must show proof of Travel Insurance cover for the full 2 years in order to get your IEC visa issued on arrival to Canada. We’ve got you covered on our programme.

SIM Card

Our programme allows you to get a Canadian SIM for free so you can use your phone to text, call and use data at your convenience.

Pre-Arranged Job

We will match you up with the best suited jobs for you based on your preferences & get you hired before you leave Ireland.

2 Year IEC Visa

The IEC Visa is a fantastic opportunity to experience Canada & work while you travel. We are registered to process the visa application for you if needed.

Luggage Tag

Luggage tag comes with our programme at no extra cost for you.

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