Canada Programme

USIT’s Work Canada programme is open. Take the stress out of the organisation & secure your job in Canada with USIT.

USIT’s Work Canada Programme

The IEC 2-year visa programme to Canada has long been a popular choice for young Irish people wishing to travel and with good reason.

Canada is known for its active outdoor lifestyle, easy going pace & it’s great quality of life. Whether you are looking for the hussel and bussel of city living in Vancouver and Toronto or the tranquil surroundings of Whistler, Canada ticks all the boxes.

Travelling to Canada or anywhere in the world, we do recommend having the security of having a confirmed job before you enter Canada on a granted visa due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here at USIT we have a huge selection of jobs available throughout Canada, including hospitality and construction. Once you sign up for the programme and we will match your profile to a suitable job and then we will arrange a virtual interview for you to help yu sort a job before you go.

All the positions on our large database of jobs are available in the main cities of Vancouver and Toronto as well as the more tourist resort towns of Whistler and Blue Mountain. If you’re a trades person, Vancouver has positions available for Carpenters, Carpenters Helpers, Labours etc. Ontario has wide ranging positions available, ranging from Food and Beverage and hospitality positions to ski lift operators! The sky’s the limit!

Participating in the Canada IEC programme will add international work experience to your CV, along with once in a lifetime travel opportunities. You will create memories that will last forever along with gaining experience in both your professional and personal life that will help you kick start your career again once you return to Ireland at the end of your programme.

Why wait? Canada is waiting for you …

About This Visa

This visa is a youth mobility programme that allows eligible participants to work & travel in Canada for up to 2 years.

The process usually takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Upon landing, you need to have the equivalent of CAD$2,500 to help cover initial expenses.

Prior to departure, you must have a round-trip ticket or the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket for the end of your authorized stay in Canada.

Citizens of certain countries are also required to be resident in their country of citizenship at the time they apply for their IEC Working Holiday visa in Canada.

Due to an updated regulation on the IEC programme all participants who currently hold a POE letter could only enter Canada provided they could show evidence of pre-arranged employment in Canada.

Passport Holder

If you hold a passport from one of the below countries, you are eligible to apply for the IEC working holiday visa. If not, it doesn't mean that there is not a visa available to you but you will need to check out your options directly through the Canadian emigration department or embassy.

Ireland, Australia, France, New Zealand, Portugal, UK, Chile, Austria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, San Marino, Slovenia, Taiwan

18 - 35

Irish passport holders need to be aged between 18-35 years inclusive at time of application

Health Insurance

On arrival to Canada you will need to show that you hold a 2 year Travel Insurance policy.

Most Popular Cities
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