Skilled Visa for New Zealand

Skilled Visa for New Zealand

Do you have a job offer for New Zealand but no visa? Or have you used up your 1 year Working Holiday visa already? You can now apply for the New Zealand Skilled Visa with USIT.

What is the New Zealand Skilled Visa?

If you have an offer of skilled employment from a New Zealand employer, then you can apply for a general New Zealand work visa. For more information email our New Zealand team – or call 01 602 1600

Eligibility requirements


To be eligible for this New Zealand visa you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be aged at least 18 years of age
  • You must hold an offer of employment from an employer based in New Zealand
  • You have sufficient funds to support yourself on arrival in New Zealand
  • You hold a passport from an eligible country

Conditions of Work

This visa is a temporary visa that permits holders to stay and work in New Zealand from 1-5 years. It is open to people who have an offer of employment from an employer in New Zealand.

Eligible Countries

Argentina Hong Kong SAR Singapore
Belgium Ireland Sweden
Canada Italy Taiwan
Chile Japan Thailand
Czech Republic Korea United Kingdom
Denmark Malaysia Uruguay
Finland Malta USA
France Netherlands  
Germany Norway